Witness yourself being held in the field of loving presence, compassion and authenticity. 

How would this experience transform how you see yourself?

The Experience

At its core, the experience is very similar to traditional somatic psychotherapy - we are with one another for about an hour and we study what arises in the moment, in mindfulness, following the body's wisdom as our guide.

Where this diverges from traditional therapy is with the addition of the camera as a third witness. Something about the quality of the interaction changes when a camera is present.

This also provides us with a record and a way to truly see yourself in a way you probably never have before. You may learn more than you expected. You may fall in love with yourself as you hear your story reflected back to you. There are limitless possibilities, which speaks to the nature of this field of endless possibilities between us.

You'll leave a session with a full raw video or, if you prefer, we can delete the video forever when the session is over. It's completely up to you to decide.



“Watching myself a couple of months afterwards was an experience I could never have anticipated. Something happened in watching my waves session, this suffering vulnerable being on my screen.

Such a deep flow of self compassion began to pour through my heart that finally after years of shame and self rejection, I could finally see myself with the gaze of friendship and join the family of imperfect beautiful beings beyond judgment. Such a gift..”

— Vera De Chalambert, Author

“Jon-Eric is offering a unique and powerful modality that I’ve rarely come across in my years of exploring and practicing the healing arts. In session with him, I felt safe, seen and supported, while also being lovingly guided towards feeling and meeting unintegrated parts of my past. Thank you Jon-Eric!”

— Mark Boughton, Circling Facilitator & Coach