The Method


We begin by creating a space of awareness. Aware of the body, the breath, the subtle signals that we often miss in "ordinary" consciousness. The body is a direct path to the subconscious and will lead us to our inner landscape if we listen.

So we begin each session by taking some time to enter into a state of shared mindful presence and awareness.

From there, we allow the experience to emerge as it will and explore it together. Many people are surprised by the depth of what can emerge by simply allowing their experience to be held and witnessed in the loving presence of another.

Each session takes about an hour.

As a camera is present, sessions are video and audio recorded. You'll receive a copy of the raw session for you to reflect on as you wish. This can be a deeply intimate and transformative experience and it greatly enhances your self-learning. All videos are kept confidential unless there is a specific permission given otherwise.

Between sessions, Jon-Eric will review the video in its entirety and create a "reflection" video - a concise, edited version of the moments that were the most impactful.

At the beginning of your next session, you'll view this reflection video together, discuss the impact and then begin again in mindfulness to see what emerges.

It Begins in Mindful Presence

The Standing Wave

In physics, a standing wave results from the unique meeting between two (or more) waves that have the same unique amplitude, creating resonance between them and resulting in a single wave, possible only in this relationship.


This is a compelling metaphor for the ways that two people can come together, enter into a state of resonance and create something new, possible only in this meeting.


This is a technique that owes its existence to many lineages. It is foremost informed by Jon-Eric's extensive career as a qualitative researcher, where he developed his unique interpersonal relating, interviewing, and videography techniques.

It is also highly influenced by the teachings of Peg Syverson, Flint Sparks, Ron Kurtz/Hakomi and Nic Askew/Soul Biographies, as well as the innovative research into Heart Coherence pioneered by the Heart Math Institute

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.
— Rumi